With EnvestAM, you can be assured that we align your financial life with your personal values.

Why Us

Our clients are true citizens of the world, caring for their loved ones and leaving the next generation with the inheritance of a sustainable and healthy planet. With Envest Asset Management, you can be assured that we align your financial life with your personal values, consistent with ESG and SRI principles. Investing responsibly is part of our DNA: We are a Certified B Corp as well as a member of 1% for the Planet.

ESG and SRI Principles

We view ESG and SRI as risk management frameworks. Our clients value this type of investing not simply for the values expression but also because as the importance of these issues become more and more apparent, they choose to invest in entities that are looking ahead and planning for resiliency in a changing world.

ESG/SRI and the Future

Financial professionals see the corporate world increasingly moving toward an ESG/SRI framework. Sustainability initiatives at the corporate level may aid in better financial and economic decision making due to improved risk management and more innovation.

Our Seasoned Team

Both Karen Ogden and James Osborn have in-depth experience in all types of investments and financial planning services, particularly with an ESG/SRI perspective. They take a holistic approach to investments and planning and craft customized plans and portfolios tailored to each client’s needs. There are no cookie-cutter plans or portfolios.

Analytical Approach to Investing

All of our investment portfolios and plans are based on sound financial analysis. We incorporate third-party research and ratings that address adherence to stated goals and performance vis-à-vis alternative choices. We review investment choices quarterly and may adjust elements annually or bi-annually based on actual versus expected performance.

A Variety of Services

Our services address everything a responsible investor might need from both a financial planning and investment perspective: from traditional financial investing, including equites and fixed income vehicles to Personal Investment Accounts, IRAs for Individuals, and products for businesses including Business 401k Plans, SEP-IRA Plans, 403b Plans as well as alternative investment vehicles such as Private Equity Funds, Renewable Energy Certificates, and Carbon Credits. The breadth of our investment and planning services and experience allows us to craft holistic customized plans and portfolios for each of our clients.

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