Our objective is to align our clients’ values with their financial goals using ESG Investing principles.


Sustainable & ESG Investing

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. And so do our clients. We use ESG Investing principles as a key component of our investment strategies. Our objective is not only to align our clients’ values with their financial goals, but to also use our investment strategies to incorporate the good we can do as citizens of the world.

We view sustainable investing with ESG as a risk management framework. Our clients value this type of investing not simply for the values expression but also because as the importance of these issues become more and more apparent, they choose to invest in entities that are looking ahead and planning for resiliency in a changing world.

  • ESG and Sustainable Investing – ESG and sustainable investing incorporate the environmental and social impact of the companies or projects you support, as well as the financial returns you expect. It’s a way to align with your values and goals that can contribute to a more sustainable world. It can take different forms, such as avoiding harmful industries or practices, selecting positive performers on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria, integrating ESG factors into financial analysis and valuation, or engaging with companies to influence their behavior and policies.
  • SRI Investing and Principles – SRI addresses the social aspect of companies. With an SRI strategy, you invest in businesses that lobby for social justice or offer products and services that contribute to it. It also avoids companies that have negative effects on society at large, like tobacco, alcohol, weapons, and gambling corporations.

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