Alternative Investments

Alternative Investment Services in Ridgefield, CT

If you’re not a fan of investing in publicly traded securities or you prefer more ESG or SRI specificity in your portfolio, you may want to consider alternative investments. These don’t fall into the usual categories like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, or cash. These are more sophisticated opportunities for investors involving privately held ESG/SRI opportunities.

At Envest Asset Management, LLC, we use ESG And SRI strategies for our alternative investments. These are alternatives to publicly traded investments in businesses that want to make the world a better place. Know the different alternative investment options our Ridgefield, CT team offers.

Direct Debt or Equity

This involves companies looking for alternative debt or equity sources for their operations. Individuals or institutions investing in those companies will then be creditors for debt or owners for equity. The company will pay off its lenders with interest and equity owners receive profits. Our team ensures that you are working with socially responsible companies.

Private Equity Fund

Private equity funds are similar to mutual and hedge funds in that the fund managers “pools” their investors’ money to invest in companies. However, unlike hedge funds or mutual funds that invest in public companies, private equity funds focus their investments into  private companies to make a return on their investments . We work closely with advisers to ensure they are putting your money into companies that fit our ESG and SRI standards.

Renewable Energy Certificate

Also known as REC or renewable energy credit, a renewable energy certificate is an instrument that allows you to buy rights to green energy sources. It lets you claim that your home or company is powered by green energy.

These RECs may also be held or sold, depending on your needs. Our alternative investment managers can help you manage and trade RECs in accordance with your wishes.

Carbon Credits

A carbon credit is an environmental asset that allows a business to emit a specific amount of carbon dioxide. Carbon credits may also be traded (bought or sold) to be used to offset the carbon dioxide that is emitted by a business.

Our team provides the opportunity to invest in carbon credits making you or your business greener in the process.

Why Choose Envest Asset Management, LLC?

  • Experienced Crew – Our investment professionals have years of experience in the industry. Plus, they are guided by our founder, who has worked in every aspect of ESG and SRI, from engineering to environmental protection organizations.
  • Dedicated to the Environment and Social Responsibility – We always make sure that the companies we invest your money in follow our strict ESG and SRI standards. You can also expect us to recommend environment-friendly and socially conscious practices for all our clients including individuals, families, small businesses and non-profits.
  • A Wide Variety of Services – We offer a wide variety of asset management services focused on ESG and SRI. Apart from alternative investments, we also provide investment management services, financial planning, and business retirement services.

Envest Asset Management, LLC is an alternative investment firm that helps you fund a greener tomorrow. Schedule a meeting today by clicking the button below for a free sustainability review of your investment portfolio.