Investment Management

Investments and financial planning are very much linked to what stage you are at in your life and career. We provide investment management and financial plans that recognize and cater to these life and career stages.

Plant. Grow. Harvest.

  • Plant – For younger clients at earlier stages in their careers, thinking about their futures cannot come early enough. We help them to get in the habit of saving and then begin working with them to invest with a values lens.
  • Grow – Clients in mid-career want to ensure that their assets are appropriately diversified for their age and life stage. Achieving this balance assures that they will have the financial strength they will need when they begin contemplating retirement..
  • Harvest – When retirement (or self-reinvention) is contemplated, we develop investment plans and strategies that address the challenges of drawing down assets while still growing longer-term investments. We will focus on products and develop plans that will address this new life stage, giving you peace of mind as you transition from accumulating to reaping the benefits of years of savings

Personal Accounts

Retirement Accounts

  • IRAs — An IRA or individual retirement account can help you save on taxes during your working years while providing a necessary adjunct to social security during retirement. With all taxes deferred until retirement, these accounts can be invested in a variety of financial products. Our advisors will design a portfolio that meets your investment horizon and values expression.
  • SEP-IRA PLAN – A SEP-IRA plan allows you to make tax-deductible contributions on behalf of yourself and your employees. It provides a wide variety of benefits, especially to small businesses and self-employed individuals.
  • Solo 401k – A solo 401(k) is a retirement plan for self-employed individuals who have no full-time employees, except for their spouses. It allows them to make contributions as both an employer and an employee. A solo 401(k) can be either traditional or Roth, depending on the tax treatment of the contributions and withdrawals.

Taxable Accounts

  • Taxable Investment Accounts – an investment vehicle that includes “after tax” funds poses unique issues as the desire to minimize additional taxable income competes with the obvious desire to grow assets. By giving consideration to tax efficient strategies, we look to balance between your tax liability and your financial goals.
  • Trust Investment Accounts – A trust account can be used to hold investments which can be managed according to your wishes, either for yourself or for your beneficiaries. This can be a good option if you want to pass on your assets to your loved ones in a flexible and tax-efficient manner.

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