Frequently Asked Questions

Envest Asset Management, LLC is the only Certified B Corp investment adviser and financial planner in Connecticut. We provide asset management to individuals, families, small business and non-profits across the United States and U.S. citizens abroad. We uphold the industry’s highest standard of care, as a fiduciary – we are legally obligated to act in the best interest of our clients. We help investors reach their long-term goals through financial planning, money management all the while aligning it to their values through sustainable investing. When working with us, you can expect a client-focused, personalized, rewarding experience.

Whether it was in engineering, investment banking, private equity, or non-profit work, we’ve spent our lives living and working in sustainability. We want to share our passion and knowledge of finance and sustainability to our clients. Our clients can rely on our insights to help them make the best financial decisions that align with their values – because they’re our values too.

Our financial planning and investment management approach starts with you. We help our clients reach their investment and sustainability goals through tailored portfolios built with a dynamic, global approach to asset allocation. With the founder having an entire career in sustainability, we use environmental, social, governance (ESG) strategies to align your financial goals with your values.

We level the playing field. Other money managers may require minimum investment capital of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, to work with them. True to the B Corp belief, using business as a force for good, we work with all types of clients that need financial advice regardless of account size, location, age, race.

Our clients receive comprehensive, personalized financial planning that helps them confidently save, spend, and invest. Services are tailored to their needs and values, which include budgeting, cash-flow analysis, estate and tax planning, and other strategies to give you peace of mind around your finances.

For business owners and non-profits, we provide employee financial wellness and retirement plans with sustainable investment options.

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We are a fee-only independent financial advisor. Unlike some advisors, we don’t earn commission based on advice we provide. Instead, our fees are paid by our clients and the services provided to them. We are a fiduciary – focused on our clients’ best interests.

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We take an active, disciplined approach to investing. We create a personalized financial and sustainable portfolio by learning about your unique goals and needs. Your financial and sustainability objectives, along with our market outlook, help shape your allocation in various assets like stocks, bonds, or others.

We may adjust your asset allocation to keep your portfolio positioned to meet your long-term objectives. We analyze markets and sustainable investment categories, then identify those that suit your portfolio.

You may have heard of socially responsible investing, impact investing, ESG investing, or sustainable investing. These are strategies in which an investor strongly considers environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors before making an investment. This type of investing aligns your financial goals with your values to promote positive impacts on the environment and community while promoting corporate responsibility, for long-term financial return.

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