An Entire Career Dedicated to Advance ESG/SRI

Envest Asset Management, LLC was formed as a grassroots effort to bring ESG/SRI practices to individuals, families, businesses, and non-profits. This came after a career that spanned from engineering to finance, which included environmental engineering, investment banking in social infrastructure, clean energy project lending, and, most recently, private equity investing in the clean energy space.

From Private Equity to Private Clients

After working in the private equity space, I had a strong desire to bring ESG/SRI to a different set of investors through the financial planning and investment management industry. Many of the skills used as a private investor apply to ESG/SRI planning and investment management roles. As a private equity investor, I found ESG/SRI investment opportunities and took a deep-dive into the financial health of the opportunities to determine their long-term value. I often created or helped budget for operating performance and profit and losses and sought ways to maximize investor value. Under Envest Asset Management I can apply these same principals to my clients, their financial plan, and their investment portfolio.

A Unique Perspective On ESG/SRI

I worked on all aspects of ESG/SRI. I look forward to educating clients in the space so that we can all make a positive impact together.

  • Engineering – Environmental: provided environmental site design for properties, aided in the design of various water and wastewater treatment system.
  • Investment Banking – Socially Responsible: member of a team that placed over a billion dollars in debt for social infrastructure projects.
  • Private Equity and Lending – Environmental, Governance, and Socially Responsible: Invested (debt and equity) in clean energy assets throughout the U.S. Many investments were located in rural areas that provided highly skilled jobs. A former member of the Board of Directors and Secretary of the Board for various privately-owned companies.
  • Non-Profit – Environmental, Governance, and Socially Responsible: Board of Directors for two non-profit organizations: the Ridgefield Education Foundation (“REF”) in Ridgefield, CT and Woodcock Nature Center (“WNC”) in Wilton, CT. REF raises capital to promote educational advancements in the Ridgefield Public School (“RPS”) system. WNC connects people to the habitats, plants, and animals of southwestern, CT through programs that build awareness, nurture understanding, and advance conservation.

A Little More About Me

Prior to launching Envest Asset Management, I worked at Energy Power Partners, a clean energy focused private equity fund. While the bulk of my finance career was spent there, I also worked in clean energy project finance lending for TD Securities and TD Bank. My finance career started as an investment banker in social infrastructure at UBS Securities placing municipal bonds for state and local governments and other municipal authorities. However, I cut my teeth in the ESG space when I started my career as an environmental engineer working in Long Island, NY and in upstate NY.

Outside of work, I am on the Board of Directors for REF and WNC. You may find me actively chasing my two kids around Ridgefield. Or you may find me running the streets throughout Wilton and Ridgefield as an avid distance runner. I also drive a hybrid vehicle.

I hold an MBA from the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester and a BSE in Chemical Engineering from Villanova (Go ‘Nova!). I’ve been engaged as a guest lecturer or panelist at various clean energy related conferences.

About Our Company

Companies love to publicize that they are driving social change, but often overlooked is how that change came about. It’s people! After investing hundreds of millions of dollars for large companies driving social change through environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) investing or socially responsible investing (“SRI”), I had a feeling that companies could do more. But this wouldn’t come from corporate executives at large-cap companies or corporate investing from large pension funds; it would come from customers, from shareholders, from people.


A Sea Change

I never thought I would find myself in this career. With a chemical engineering degree, I interviewed with companies that were not eco-friendly. Although I enjoyed outdoor activities, the environment and sustainability were the last things on my mind. Then I worked as an environmental engineer. One project gave me firsthand experience on how the decisions people make can change the environment for better or for worse.  The project involved the study of pesticides and their impact on the wildlife in the Long Island Sound. After the conclusion of that study I was hooked on promoting the environment, and from there my commitment to ESG/SRI only grew.


Financial Planning and Investments Focused on ESG For Clients

I launched Envest Asset Management with a background in environmental engineering, investment banking in social infrastructure, and debt and equity investing in clean energy. I found that many advisors (independent or brokerages) offering Financial Planning and Investment Management services were missing a third, critical component – ESG/SRI. Independent, fiduciary, fee-only, client obsessive – Envest Asset Management provides financial planning and investment management focused on ESG/SRI investments to individuals, families, businesses, and non-profits. Envest Asset Management and its clients understand grassroots social, environmental, and sustainability advocacy can force significant change, which can be accomplished through investing. Envest Asset Management helps clients make an even greater social impact while preparing for their financial future. Come join me on this journey to Invest for the Future and for the Future Environment.

An Entire Career in ESG/SRI

Envest Asset Management is all things ESG/SRI. We are ESG/SRI focused. What does that mean to clients? This means we take into consideration your financial, investment, AND sustainability goals to create a plan just for you. Here are some of our focus areas:

  • Financial planning with ESG/SRI implementation
  • Diversified ESG/SRI investment portfolios
  • Federal, state, or community focused investing
  • Alternative investments, including direct investing in ESG/SRI opportunities
  • Increased awareness of sustainability practices
  • Renewable energy optimization
  • Carbon Dioxide (“Carbon”) and other Green House Gas (“GHG”) reduction

Read more in our Services page.

As part of our commitment to ESG/SRI, we utilize ESG practices in our day-to-day operations. We focus on waste reduction through our virtual services, and our third-party service providers are those that also have substantial ESG practices.

It’s About the Client. It’s About the Environment

We bring together the client’s financial and investment plan and the client’s sustainability and social goals. The decisions we make are always in the best interest of our clients. In other words, we are a fiduciary. When working with clients our objective is to:

  • Map financial and sustainability goals
  • Provide education on the markets and sustainability
  • Create a diversified portfolio of ESG/SRI investments for goal-based results
  • Increase awareness to the broader public about investing, sustainability, and ESG/SRI
  • Increase shareholder advocacy and voting to benefit the shareholders and the environment

Envest Asset Management’s goal is for its clients to Invest for the Future and the Future Environment.

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